Saturday, 14 March 2015

Lapwing oil painting update

I'm so pleased with this little painting so far I can barely contain myself!. I set myself the task of capturing the iridescence of the lapwings feathers when caught in full spring sunshine and I really think,much to my surprise,that ive succeeded.The feathers were so beautiful in the light,and so many different colours that it caught my attention and demanded to be painted.if only every painting I attempted could fire up my enthusiasm and bring me so much pleasure as this simple little painting I would be one very happy I shall finish the birds legs and re-paint the breast feathers once theyre dry and then its mud,glorious mud and an attempt to show the lovely shiny,wet colours here too.


Sue Clinker said...

Great when a painting/drawing grabs you like that isn't it ... Yep, I can see the beautiful colours in its feathers. I photographed Jays and Magpies in my garden recently and they also have beautiful colouring in the sunshine.

Unknown said...

doesn't happen very often but yes its nice to be happy with a piece every now and again sue.
love Jays,they always brighten my day when I see one.