Thursday, 17 September 2015

Snipe study 10" x 12" oil on canvas progression shots

After a visit last week to Titchfield Haven NNR where I was lucky enough to see plenty of Snipe at close quarters I decided to paint a small study with a view to a larger piece to follow in oils if I could get a grip on the colours and cryptic plumage.This is the completed study,which I'm very pleased with and hopefully a larger snipe painting will follow in the not too distant future.


john said...

Great looking study. I think the complex pattern of birds like the snipe make a fascinating challenge to paint. There are so many possibilities concerning the most effective ways to portray it.
I anxiously look forward to your larger painting.

Unknown said...

thankyou john,it was certainly challenging! luckily I was able to study a stuffed specimen belonging to a friend closely which helped me when looking at my reference photos to make sense of the cryptic patterns and how the feathers lay.