Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Winter Hare 20" x 16" oil on canvas



These are the progress shots of my latest Hare oil painting as it came together in my studio.The subject was first sketched onto my prepared stretched canvas and then,as is my usual practice,i started work on background elements.I prefer to paint my backgrounds first to ensure I make a good and convincing job of the animals surroundings as my interest can begin to wane in a piece once the main focus of the piece has been completed,so doing it this way round ensures a quality piece throughout.Having completed most of the background with a single coat of oils I made a start on the quick blocking in or underpainting of the Hare itself.I like to use sturdy short flat brushes for the underpainting stage as they are great for scrubbing oil thinly into the canvas.I don't use any thinning mediums except for a dash of liquin to help paint move freely during the detailed painting stage.Once the underpainting is complete and after a day or so to dry I started on the detailed top coat of oils,applying the paint a little thicker and utilising liquin medium to help lay on fur details.Having completed the Hare it was then just a case of completing the foreground snow and adding in the dry grasses.My favourite oils are the hand-made Michael Harding paints but I also use Winsor and Newton artists oils and Old Holland paints for some of my favourite colours.


Unknown said...

Good hare development Clive.

Unknown said...

thanks very much marc,an enjoyable journey!