Thursday 3 August 2017

Something Different 'Comma' 6" x 8" oil & 24 carat gold leaf on canvas

Whilst I was away at the EWA exhibition last weekend I was demonstrating my artwork alongside my stand.I looked for a small subject to work on as I wanted visitors to be able to see progress during there visit and so I decided to try and paint a butterfly.Ive never painted one before so it was a learning exercise and having photographed a Comma butterfly in my garden last month I thought it would make the ideal small-scale subject.I prepared a small canvas 6" x 8" and applied 24 carat gold leaf,leaving some distressed areas and then painted the butterfly whilst working on my artstand.
I'm pleased with the resulting image which had some very favourable remarks from visitors and will frame it in a small float frame and hang at my next exhibition.

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