Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cheetah portrait

I've not had too many hours in the studio over the last couple of days but this is the current state of the cheetah portrait.Layering has begun on the ear of the cat,with both H and HB grade pencil laid in.Once this has been completed i shall start working up the spots on the cheetahs coat.


Grahame Butler said...

Looking good clive! the layering is bringing out the texture of the fur, its interesting to see how you work, I always draw the eyes first, if they look right I carry on if not I start again..

Unknown said...

thanks grahame,i think most artists like to start with the eyes and it certainly makes sense to do so.i like to leave them until last as theyre very tricky and i get a little daunted each time so leaving them till last focus's the mind and leaves no room for error unless i fancy scrapping days worth of work,they're also the 'icing' on the cake which brings the whole picture together and after hours of toil its nice to leave the best bit till last!