Monday, 27 July 2009

Golden Eagle study progress

After a good degree of fiddling the head of the eagle is now complete and i have started to move onto the body feathers.At the risk of sounding monotonous these are completed in exactly the same way as all elements of my drawings by layering,layering and more layering.I find that the only difference when portraying feathers as opposed to fur is that i use sharper pencils as i'm working on smaller areas at a time and dont tend to use quite so soft grades of pencil.In portraying the feathers i also use direct marks in helping to give the impression of the individual vanes of the feathers.Working on feathers is quite time consuming compared to drawing fur for me as i tend to work on each feather,layering until completion,then move onto the next and so on whereas with fur i can layer the whole area in one hit,saving a lot of time.


Jennie Norris said...

Beautiful Clive! looks like a lot of work. This will be awesome when it's complete.

artbykarieann said...

you must have the patience of a saint Grahame, it obviously works though as those feathers do look so realistic

Unknown said...

thanks jennie and karie-ann,it is quite time consuming but now the heads finished and i can see good progress i'm very pleased with the result.