Friday, 10 July 2009

partridge update

Another day's work in the studio has got me this far with the partridge.I cut my day short as the weather forecast for the next two days is for rain and as it was such a nice day outside i decided to abandon the studio until this evening.I grabbed my camera and headed off on my mountain bike along the estuary of the river hamble untill i got to southampton water seeing and photographing bits and pieces as i went.The tide was high and so most of the birds were roosting or had headed into the marshes that border the river but nonetheless i got some interesting shots and more ideas for future images.The river is a constant source of reference with much to be seen throughout the changing seasons.right now the bird numbers are fairly low as most of the waders have headed north to their breeding grounds but we do have some breeding here,most notably the oystercatchers on their favourite shingle spit.Came across a lovely little egret feeding in the marshes amongst some lovely plants unfortunately i havnt a clue what they were but it made for a nice photo,also about today were the ubiquitous black-headed gulls,a common bird but still my favourite gull and tucked away on a freshwater lagoon waiting for the tide to recede were a handful of godwits and oystercatchers unfortunately a little too distant for my camera.In winter the river around warsash where i live is absolutely packed with waders of all descriptions but not quite so comfortable on the mountain bike!

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Unknown said...

Hi Clive

WOW I will be watching this WIP. The Partridge is just wonderful. and the fine detail. You must have so much patience. I can't wait to see the next update.

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