Thursday, 20 August 2009

chocolate lab progress

progress so far with the labrador.i have now worked up some of the darker areas of the dog to completion all bar a few final tweaks and am now concentrating on the dogs nose and muzzle.The coat of the dog to the left hand side of the picture has been layered with every grade from H thru to 2B then the fur details were added in and then overlayered again with HB and B grade pencils so that the fur wasnt too prominent and highlights added in with a 2B for the darkest areas.The nose is not so dark with layers from H to B grade and fur details laid in with a 2B,here and there i have scratched in grey hairs again.i also finished working up the ear and now it's starting to look like a lab.


Moose-ings said...

Hi Clive, love your work! This lab looks loved.
May I ask what you mean by 'scratching in' grey hair? I use a knitting needle for texture marks in fur, before I start with pencils. Is that similar to what you do? Thanks for sharing your beautiful drawings.

Unknown said...

hi donna and thankyou very much for your kind comments on my answer to your question,i do scratch into the paper at the outset using a toothpick or larger kebab stick depending on the thickness of line i want when portraying whiskers the cases where i dont want a white line i simply scratch in lines after ive completed a layer or two of graphite .i think a knitting needle sounds a good tool for this,i use wooden kebab sticks quite a lot because i can sharpen or blunt them to differing thicknesses.
best wishes

Moose-ings said...

Thanks, Clive, I'll try the kebab sticks sometime.
Cheers, Donna