Friday, 21 August 2009

chocolate lab progress

Completed the nose and majority of the muzzle now and i am going to complete the layering of the body next as it is so dark and this will give a good reference tonal wise for completing accurately the face of the dog.It's really starting to take shape now and looking like the subject.


Unknown said...

I love the detail you have shown in the nose and the dogs coat is already taking on a lovely shine. Clive.. do you indent for whiskers ?

I learn so much from all your WIP Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

hi dors and thankyou,the nose was good fun as its a choc lab the nose is pinkish coloured as opposed to black allowing me to put in a bit more detail.i use a combination of indentation and lifting out with blu-tack for whiskers and stray grey hairs.
glad to hear the wip's are helpful