Friday, 26 February 2010

New giraffe pencil portrait

This is the start of my latest small drawing,a portrait of a giraffe youngster.I took time out after my labrador drawing to get out and about on my local nature reserves and coastal spots to gather photographic references for future images ive also been sorting out existing reference material in preparation for tackling some larger drawings focussing on large african species,so 'watch this space' as they say!.The image above shows my layering process at work when creating a you can see layers of graphite in various the bottom right hand corner i have layered with H,HB and B grade pencils,in the top right corner i have subsequently added a layer of 2B pencil,whilst on the left hand side of the drawing i have added further layers of both HB and B grade pencil.once the whole image has been layered like this i finished up with the drawing as in the top photo.Tomorrow i shall get stuck into the giraffe itself.

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