Monday, 1 February 2010

Saker Falcon drawing progress

back in the studio today it's been slow progress as i try to map out the lighter breast feathers of the falcon.As the feathers get closer to the birds thigh the brown markings become more dominant and so i'm layering more here with H,HB and B grade pencils with some feather vane details added in 2B.I shall be moving onto the back and wing feathers next and these will take a good deal more fine layering to get the subtle details and the effect of light and shadows on the wing.


sev said...

Its looking really beautiful Clive , its interesting to read about your thoughts as you do it to . :-)

John Mullane Art said...

This is gonna be a beauty Clive! What a handsome bird.

Unknown said...

sev and john thankyou very much and youre right john it's a lovely looking bird.