Wednesday, 17 March 2010

a day of mixed blessings

The Chase

Today has been a strange old day! I finally took the decision to abandon my zebra drawing which had not been going well for the last couple of day's.sometimes things just dont workout the way you would like and i wasn't happy with progress on the drawing or my attempts to rectify unsatisfactory areas of the piece and so it had to go.
On the plus side i went out to my local nature reserve for the day to lift my spirits and glean some inspiration and managed to get myself an exhibition booked in the visitor centre for my bird works starting in august and running thru til october!.
on returning home and checking my emails i was delighted to receive confirmation from dswf that my two entrys for the Wildlife Artist of the year had been short-listed as finalists and will be hanging in the Mall galleries at the end of may.The two images are Tigress and The chase


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you abandoned the zebra, I don't very often give up on one but recently had to do the same after a great number of hours work. It always feels a little bad to leave one but I work on the theory that you learn from all of it. In my case my pre-planning had not been sufficient.
On a better note, great news about the others, they are both amazing work and it is a very well deserved shortlist. I personally love the tigress, I have a fondness for the big cats and this one captures some amazing character, the look is beautiful :D

Lynda Schumacher said...

So true, Clive; sometimes one must just say, "Its over". I recently had to do the same with a trumpeter swan image, but it sits in a flat file drawer about 2 feet from my drafting I question whether I have fully accepted its fate yet! : )
Congrats on your entries and upcoming exhibition.

Unknown said...

chrissy and lynda thankyou for the congrats,i'm over the moon to have the opportunity to show my work in london.i can relate to the reluctance to admit defeat fully,i tinkered for a couple of days even though in my heart i knew it wasnt going to work and the half complete image still hasnt left the studio

Lene Daugaard said...

hi Clive
I've only just found your blog - and I am in awe of your graphite work! Just stunning. Congrats on the show-deal, I'm sure the visitors and customers will be amazed too.

Unknown said...

thankyou very much lene :-)