Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cape Buffalo drawing update

Had a few days away from the drawing board celebrating my birthday weekend but after 24 hours 'r n r ' i'm back in the land of the living and scribbling at the board once more.ive finished toning the background for now,i may go back into it later but i didnt want to go too dark initially until i'd set some tones on the animal.as you can see ive been layering busily here and have put down two layers of H grade pencil in the lower half of the drawing and worked part of the animals coat to near completion.ive used several layers of graphite in each grade from H thru to B and then added directional hair strokes in 2 and 3B to finish off the coat.


Eva María said...

How to paint the funds? Do you paint with pencil funds? How do you get that smooth texture? is what is most difficult for me as no fades or if you do it with a very soft pencil.
Thank you very much!

Unknown said...

hi eva,i dont fully understand what you mean by 'funds' but i'm guessing you mean the background toning?.to get the smooth-ish layers of graphite i use flat pointed leads and apply the graphite in a circular motion,gently overlapping circles across the paper with consistant pressure.it takes a while to do but with a little practice you can get good results.i then layer over the top in exactly the same manner with the next softer grade of pencil.a similar smoothness can be acheived by using a soft grade of pencil applied lightly then blended with a blending stump.hope that helps :-)

Eva María said...

Sorry my English is not very good: P
yes, I meant those funds. Thank you very much, I'll prove that I think it's more complicated: P
A greeting and thank you very much again, I look forward to your pictures every week!

Melly Testa said...

Beautiful work Clive, saw your post at the Birders Forum and had to come check you out.

dave said...

Happy belated Birthday.
All Best
Dave B

Unknown said...

cheers dave

Unknown said...

eva,your'e very welcome and i hope you continue to enjoy the new posts
melly many thanks for your kind words :-)