Friday, 23 April 2010

New pencil drawing started

My latest drawing has been on the board now for a couple of this time ive managed to layer the beginnings of the background 3 times with H and HB grade pencils,i'll now start to add some random blurry-ness with softer grades to give me a semi-photographic style of background which will help to lift the animal from the paper.the subject of this drawing is a cape buffalo which i have wanted to draw for ages and have finally pulled my finger out and got started.its quite a large piece for me and so is likely to take some time to complete.i have several projects on the go right now and so i will be chopping and changing amongst them and i hope it will keep it interesting for you.My show season is finally upon me at last and my first outing will be on my publisher collier and dobson's stand at Badminton Horse trials which get underway on the 30th for this show will be 2 largescale limited edition prints featuring my giraffe and calf piece entitled 'watchful' and my brand new drawing 'shadow hunter'.these can both be viewed on my publisher's website


Heidi Borreson Art said...

What kind of paper do you use?

Unknown said...

hello heidi,i use arches hot pressed watercolour paper which has been stretched beforehand