Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nearly there

Another couple of days work has got me this far with the drawing,now just the nose and ear remain to be drawn.the face was built of layers of graphite from H thru to 2B grade with rough hair texture added in with a sharp pointed 2B pencil.the nose will really help to bring life to the subject as it has a wide variation of tone as it is wet and reflects light adding some more nice highlights to the piece.


Rahulsutar said...

u use every h grade pencil for layers??
i mean starting from 9h to 2h??

Unknown said...

i use all grades of pencil for layering from H grade to 8B ie,h,hb,b,2b,3b,4b,5b,6b,7b,8b but not always all of them in each drawing.in the buffalo drawing the softest pencil i have used in a few areas is a 4B but the majority of the layers are built up using h,hb,b and 2B with the 2B being used to draw in the hair texture too.

Unknown said...

hey thanks for sharing the technique,i find it helpful for my progess,thnk u once again