Thursday, 24 February 2011

Snow leopard cub drawing progress

my snow leopard cub drawing is coming along nicely now.they are quite a tricky subject because of the subtleties of the coat colouration and having the darker background helps to highlight the cats fur and its different tones.the background is going to need further toning but my immediate attention is going to be paid to my least favourite part of any cat drawing ,the ears.normally i draw the ears first and the eyes last to get the ears out of the way early on as i find them so tricky and save the eyes the 'icing on the cake' until last because its such a thrill to see the completed drawing suddenly spring into life.this time ive just abandoned my usual practice and charged in wherever i felt like.


Tami E. Alba said...

Beautiful little cub and great job with the fur tones...Love it!
If I may ask, what is your prefferred paper choice to use?

Unknown said...

hi Tami and thankyou,he is a lovely little fella isn't he.
i use Arches hot pressed watercolour paper which i wet and stretch before has a lovely little bit of tooth after stretching which grabs just the right amount of graphite for my tastes.