Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Elephant drawing: progress

It's been a while since i picked up the pencils to produce a big piece but i have to admit that it feels like 'coming home'.Whilst it's always a long slog with graphite and i need the patience of a saint to get through it,i nonetheless feel strangely content and in control using the medium.The oil's have been very pleasant to use and when they've worked ive been thrilled with the results but they still feel a little hit and miss compared to that feeling of certainty i get with graphite.Anyway to get back to this piece,ive more or less completed the head with only a little more detail to add.once ive done this i'm going to work on the body and legs of the elephant before tackling it's trunk as ive got some lovely darker tones to work in behind the trunk and tusks and i want to establish those darker tones first to ensure the trunk and tusks will stand out.


Unknown said...

I think this is going to be amazing when it's finished. I was just thinking that you must have incredible patience to get through a piece like this. Then I read what you said about having the patience of a saint. I am looking forward to seeing the progression of this piece.

Unknown said...

hi vanessa,i think i'm destined to need patience for whatever i tackle in art as i'm not the quickest of artists and whether it be oils or pencils i cant shake the desire to capture every detail.i hope you'll enjoy seeing this one through to completion.