Thursday, 22 September 2011

Switch to graphite

After a break from graphite for a while,ive re-started work on my Elephant drawing thats been languishing on the board for several weeks.I had a tough time working on my latest oil painting and was starting to feel a little jaded and so rather than destroy all my work up to that point i decided to switch back to my comfort zone for a while.The background has been laid in roughly to appear out of focus and the first part of the elephant completed is the ear and here ive layered the graphite using grades H thru to 2B to get the lovely shadow areas.there will be some lovely sharp contrasts in tone in this piece hopefully bringing this lovely bull elephant to life.


Brenda Hill CDM said...

I see the pencils called their dad back, this looks good Clive.

Unknown said...

Hehe,thanks brenda,after a bit of a struggle lately with oils felt i needed my comfort blanket back:-)