Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Avocet oil study update

After my short break in Somerset ive returned to an inbox full of xmas orders and so havnt had a lot of time for painting.I have some ideas for larger images filling out nicely in my head and am about to start preparing mdf boards for upcoming paintings.In the meantime i had a little piece of prepared board lying around in the studio and so i decided to put it to good use on a new avocet study.This Avocet was observed yet again at my favourite birding spot Titchfield Haven nature reserve here on the south coast.I'm depicting the bird on the edge of one of the scrapes and rather liked the viewpoint of the bird from the rear and at this angle it fits my little bit of mdf perfectly.It is for the most part complete ive just got a little more work to do in the foreground with a bit of vegetation.The size of this painting is 12" x 7.5"


Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Very interesting, what a lovely bird and an unusual beak.

Unknown said...

the Avocet is a much loved and very graceful bird over here wendy.it was adopted as the symbol of the RSPB.it's always a joy to find one or more of them at my local nature reserve