Thursday, 9 February 2012

New Barn Owl painting

At the moment i have 4 new oil paintings at various stages of which this new barn owl piece is the most advanced.The posted photo's show progress of the underpainting from the start of the day until now,when i'm about to call it a day for today.The loose background colouration is the combination of 3 separate attempts to come up with a convincing colour scheme that i liked.This was allowed several days to dry and then the outline of the owl was reinstated with thinned down white paint.After another couple of days to dry today ive been doing the underpainting using thinned down oils and blocking in loosely the colours and shapes on top of which i shall paint the detail coat of oils once this has dried.This is the largest oil painting that ive tackled thus far and by way of light relief i have a very small portrait of a ring tailed lemur to work on whilst this ones drying.The Lemur painting is the same painting that i demonstrated the art of underpainting on a couple of weekends ago at my 'oil painting for beginners' workshop.

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