Friday, 21 September 2012

something a little different

During the MIWAS annual exhibition i was visited by a client who since i had last produced a portrait of his Ocelot has taken up reptile keeping.Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth i wasnt slow in coming forward when the opportunity to visit his reptile collection was muted and so today i arrived armed with my camera at his premises a little apprehensive but nonetheless excited to view the collection.pictured above are an Emerald tree boa and a hybrid royal python,just two from the many reptiles in the collection.i was particularly taken with the Boa and really would like to try and produce a painting one day but whilst there i learnt so much about these beautiful creatures and just how popular reptiles are with collectors.the Royal python pictured above is a hybrid snake bred for the amazing colours/patternation and was one of many wonderfully exotically marked snakes within the collection,some of them looking almost hand-painted in there exquisitness.i am hoping to re-visit soon and capture more images of the reptiles in the collection as its a subject ive only visited once before with my Young Croc drawing below which proved a big hit with reptile fans.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Here's hoping for a painting to come out of this. ;-)

Unknown said...

have a sneaky feeling the emerald tree boa will be making an appearance in oils at some point