Thursday, 20 December 2012

Leopard painting complete

Ive finally decided to call my leopard oil painting complete.sometimes its tricky to know when to finish painting and this has been the case with this one.i could go on ad-infinitum adding bits of detail here and there but i think ive done all that i can to show of this lovely cat and anything else ,i think,would probably be too fussy or even superfluous in the overall scheme of things.its now going to sit on my easel to dry whilst i get on with enjoying a short break for christmas after which it will be full steam ahead with new oils and a commissioned piece of pencil art.
i wish all of you a very happy christmas wherever you are and hope it will be peaceful for all.


Sue Clinker said...

Wise decision I think Clive .. the leopard really stands out beautifully.

Happy Christmas to you also

Unknown said...

thanks sue
have a great christmas :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful :-)

Unknown said...

thankyou stephen :-)