Thursday, 20 December 2012

London international horse show

Lying up-Red fox original oil painting
terrible photo i know but i quickly snapped it using my camera phone as it was being packed up in readiness for showing on my publisher Collier and Dobson ltd's stand at Olympia for the London international horse show.the painting had been delivered hotfoot from my bespoke framers where it had been fitted with this lovingly hand-finished frame just in time to join more of my paintings and those of several other artists published by collier and dobson on there extensive exhibition stand at Olympia.the show runs from the 18th december through til 23rd december and my work will be available to view and purchase for the full duration of the if your'e in the area and always wanted to see the paintings 'in the fleah' why not pop in and take a look
 at all the amazing art on display.


Unknown said...

I really admire how the animals' fur in each of your paintings looks so rich and vibrant, and the backgrounds are very monochromatic and softened. These techniques make your work stand out among all the other artists and their animal portraits, to me. They're beautiful!

Unknown said...

hi katherine and thankyou very much indeed for your kind words.i love working with details in fur and feather and trying to make them look as real and touchable as possible,just exploring the sheer beauty of the bird or animal.and whilst i am aware of the need to put them in context within there environment my days as a graphite artist exploring close-up detail and using background toning to 'lift' the subject from the paper have carried over into my oil paintings.indeed if i try to put in too much of the surroundings as with my leopard painting i stray a long way out of my comfort zone.

Unknown said...

Other nice fox!,this animal must be your tothem or nagual just like tell the shamans, when describes the subconscious personality of the people.