Thursday, 24 January 2013

Snipe painting update

after the brief return to graphite ive now turned my attention back to my snipe painting and hopefully will have this finished very soon.this is a shot of it on the easel this morning and i'm currently concentrating on adding dead vegetation to the foreground and trying to reach a point where theres enough of it to make a believable composition without it becoming too repetitious.


Anonymous said...

I thought a snipe was--oh never mind. ;-)

Looking really good already. But I agree; some foreground action would help.

John said...

Looking great Clive! You are so accomplished in both media.

Unknown said...

ive added a little more to the foreground now,mostly in the shape of a little more colour on the vegetation and a hint at more wet area but have called it a day now as i dont think theres much more i can do to this particular piece.
thankyou john,i'm still on a rapid learning curve with the oils but words of encouragement from a great artist like yourself help to keep the journey enjoyable

Unknown said...

Good picture of snipe Clive,this kind of shore birds have a rich plumage colorations and give much possibilityes for realize different compositions of terrain or grove.