Friday, 15 March 2013

first coat of oils complete

Ive now gone over the whole cat with a layer of oils getting the basics in this stage the head is finished except for some very fine detailing and of course the i mentioned before the body is mostly in shadow in this painting,hence the subdued colouration but it will become brighter on the final coat of oils especially as i add in the highlighted fur areas where the sun catches fur within the shadowed areas.ive now put the painting aside for the weekend to dry and hopefully i'll be able to continue working with it shortly.


Isobel said...

Clive, just love it. Looking forward to the finished painting.

Unknown said...

hi isobel,glad you like it and your'e able to watch it come together.progress has been a little dis-jointed with a number of non-studio related projects taking me away but i hope to really crack on a pace now.