Thursday, 28 March 2013

latest project underway

I have two new paintings underway at present,both cats once again.This is the most advanced of the pair and will be a study of a lovely Serval kitten.i went through my usual crisis when trying to work out the colouration for the background and after four attempts ive settled for this mixture of browns and ochres.the backgrounds are always a sticking point for me in these study type paintings and try as i might to think of a good colour scheme it invariably comes down to daubing various mixtures onto canvas until,more by luck than judgement,i hit upon a winning combination.whilst the background is drying ive underpainted the cats spots and features but now it'll be put to one side to dry along with my second painting that is already drying.i need to sit down and plan the next 4 or 5 paintings and organise some canvas's for them.despite working flat out as the show season approaches i still feel short of works and so i'm going to have to give some thought to a few smaller paintings as well as printing some new designs onto fine art cards which are always very useful to have at shows.

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