Friday, 28 June 2013

Roe deer study work in progress

Here's another oil painting i'm working on right now and its a study of one of the many Roe deer who visit my garden for a tasty morsel every so often.its been quite heavily re-worked since I initially underpainted it,with three changes of background colouration ranging from hideous greens through to the current grey-ish colour.whilst the photography doesn't really show it too well here the current colouration is made up of colours I saw within the deers coat and whilst its a little plainer overall than I had anticipated I think the colour sets off the deer you can see the animals head is almost complete,i just need to tinker with the nose some more.the body has had two coats of loosely applied oils and the next coat will add some nice fur detail in.all the references ive used for this painting have been gleaned by me doing a little amateur deer stalking in my own garden(luckily theres plenty of cover) and as you can see from the positioning of her ears she was desperately trying to work out where the camera clicks were coming from!


Sue Clinker said...

lovely painting/subject Clive.

I like to 'stalk' garden visitors also. I think the badgers at my previous house/garden believed we had exploding bread as each time they nibbled a slice the flash camera went off!

and 'Woody' the woodmouse who lives under my shed and comes out to raid the hedgehog food turned out to be 'Woody and extended family' when I looked at my photos closely - he was the front man and 5 more little Woodies were peeping out from under the shed - couldn't see them with the human eye.

Its lovely to have wildlife close by though isn't it?

Unknown said...

Fantastic!bery bery beautifull roe deer Clive, at the moment, this is probably the best work,that i know from you, i just waiting impatiently the next step, until the picture has been finished.Cheers!!.

Unknown said...

hi sue,couldnt agree more,its an absolute delight to have nature close by or be able to tempt them into the garden.wherever theres a mouse there are sure to be more! we are very lucky to live in close proximity to a large common and have a field next door that the wildlife is increasingly using as a wildlife corridor to transit from one green patch to another as suburbia gradually encroaches on there patch. the deer frequently stop by to raid the flowerbeds and we have a couple of foxes that live in the garden too.
marc,thankyou so much,good to know that the Roe is being admired,its the first time ive painted one but I think its a subject I shall return to often.