Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sumatran tiger painting update

I continue to work on the tigers face,and yesterday in particular I added a second layer of oils to the tiger's stripes which helps me to better judge the strength and boldness of colour for the rest of the cats face.apart from a very loose oil sketch a couple of years ago this is my first tiger painting and i'm learning just how difficult it is to achieve the correct colours,i think there will be a fair amount of glazing required.the image is a little paler than reality due to the camera set up i'm having to use at the slr lens has malfunctioned and rather than fix it i'm thinking of replacing the whole camera with a newer,better version which ive been promising myself for some for now the studio shots are being taken with a little compact camera.


Unknown said...

Many years ago i try to paint a siberian tiger,with his own environment accompanied with the tipical far east taiga (a rain dark conifer taiga).

Unknown said...

hi marc,thanks for taking the time to comment,always good to hear from a fellow artist.apart from a quick oil sketch a few years ago tthis is my first time painting a tiger and I now have new-found respect for those artists who do it regularly,they are tough to paint!