Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Back to oils at last

I enjoyed immensely my detour back into graphite for my peregrine and crows drawing and have decided that pencil will regularly feature in my workload as its such an 'immediate' medium and the time away from it has allowed me to appreciate the process once more.Meanwhile my Sumatran tiger painting had been languishing in the studio untouched for a month and after a couple of false starts I finally got around to continuing with it yesterday.From its completed underpainting stage ive now worked up the cats body and added in the eyes as a focal point.i also completed the ears and have made a start on the cats mouth.I'm working in a order that allows me to complete specific areas each day and I try to work in a methodical sequence,allowing for paint drying,that will not hold me up as I have no other painting projects underway as yet.i have plenty of ideas for upcoming projects and i'm  just fleshing those out before I assemble the new canvases.

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