Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Works in progress

                                                                      Mute Swan
Since my last post of my Leopard drawing in progress ive done a little more work,adding in more of the cats spots,completing the second ear and nose and now i'm starting to gradually add layers of tone to the cats fur which will give it shape and form before completing the fur details.Progress is gradual but slow as i'm also working on a couple of oil paintings simultaneously as well and now that theres something to see ive posted the first image of my new Mute swan painting.i started with the water and have completed a couple of layers of oil here and am happy that the lovely colour I wanted has been achieved.all that will remain to do to the water will be to add a final glaze or two to subtly alter the colour and give depth.its now been put to one side to dry before I make a start on the swan itself.