Tuesday, 12 November 2013

New graphite/carbon pencil drawing

My latest drawing is a bit of a first for me as ive decided to try utilising some carbon pencils in my work for the first time.Ive had a few carbon pencils knocking around in the studio for a few years and wasn't particularly keen on the feel of them or the intense blacks they produced but decided an experiment was in order.I'm using them sparingly,purely for the very darkest elements in the drawing which requires a bit more thought and planning than a simple graphite drawing as graphite and carbon pencils do not mix and carbon cannot overlay graphite and so I have to place the carbon very carefully throughout.So far i'm happy with the results and getting accustomed to the intenseness of the blacks.The subject of this drawing is a delightful Snow Leopard cub.


Kathryn Hansen said...

looking great so far!! interesting how you're handling this one...i've never worked with carbon pencils either!

Unknown said...

thankyou Kathryn,they have the strangest feel when in use and make an annoying blackboard squeak when worked hard!
I think overall I like the effect they give but they do have to be used so very carefully when combined with graphite as they're not inter-mixable