Monday, 6 January 2014

New large drawing in progress

Happy New year to everyone,i hope you've all had a fabulous festive break.Great to be back in the studio again after the extended break and working on another pencil drawing.This time the subject is a baby Giraffe and ive had to re-arrange my usual working arrangements to fit this large drawing into the studio in such a way that I can still work on it satisfactorily.the image itself is roughly 39" x 12" and ,as such,was too large for my usual draughtsmans board.ive created a new temporary drawing board from a piece of conte board cut down to precisely the right size for this one drawing.the whole board is then sitting on my oil easel so that I have to work on the piece standing up,its a little ackward but I'm getting the hang of it.I'm hoping to have it completed before I fly out of the country on the 19th of this month for an extended reference trip of a month in the Far East.


Kathryn Hansen said...

wow...that's a very large drawing! would love to see that in person when you're done!!

Unknown said...

it certainly is Kathryn,luckily its a very simple but striking image making the most of the giraffes natural attributes.