Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Tiger cub drawing update

This past week or so ive finally got cracking on a project to build a large studio complex in my garden which,i hope,will not only give me more room for projects and print storage but also take on some tuition work for a couple of students.i will post some photos of the works as they progress but for the time being work is limited to clearing to huge outbuildings from the concrete slab that will eventually be the base for my new time has been very limited this week and I finally managed to squeeze in a few hours today to progress my tiger cub drawing a bit further.luckily progress on the cat has been quite rapid as ive incorporated pierre noire pencils by conte into the piece to create the stripes in one layer rather than multi-layering graphite to achieve the darks.ive found them very useful but use of them has to be well-planned as they don't always mix well with graphite.

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Kathryn Hansen said...

omgosh is he adorable!!! You're doing just a beautiful job on him...can hardly wait to see him finished!!