Friday, 31 October 2014

bengal tiger drawing progression

here are two shots of my latest tiger drawing taken in the studio on subsequent mornings which show the progress from initial graphite layering on the cats face to the fully worked up area of fur on the cats nose.This equates to a long day's work in the studio and demonstrates how time-consuming it can be when working large-scale in graphite.Luckily in my new studio I get very much less interruption during my working day than I used to suffer from in my studio in the house and can really crack on with a piece over many hours.


Anonymous said...

Your work is so amazing!! You've probably mentioned many times elsewhere, but what brand graphite do you use, especially for your darkest black?

Unknown said...

thanks very much indeed!
I use derwent graphic pencils grades H thru to 6b,because I layer the graphite to achieve the intense blacks the darkest areas actually comprise all of the above pencil grades.occasionally I incorporate carbon pencil into my works specifically for the very darkest blacks but care is needed in placement as it doesn't mix with graphite