Friday, 3 July 2015

Newly framed pencil drawings

                                                                     Old Warrior
                                                                      Amur Leopard
                                                                      Alert Impala

These are three examples of my latest pencil drawings presented for sale.I wanted to show how much thought and preparation goes into presenting the finished drawing to the market.I am often disappointed to see how other artists spend so little time and invest so little money in ensuring that there wonderful drawings and paintings get the framing and presentation they deserve in order to achieve a sale at a decent price and to demonstrate pride in there product.
All my drawings are presented in hand-finished frames that complement perfectly the image within and glazed with ARTglass which not only ensures minimum reflections with no colour distortion but also offers a high degree of UV protection to the image.
I firmly believe that the commitment to quality and excellence of the imagery must be reflected in its presentation if the artist wants to trade on the quality of there work.


Mesaj said...
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Kathryn Hansen said...

It is amazing how framing can make or brake a piece...nicely done!!