Friday, 17 July 2015

'Portrait of charlotte' oil on board 12" x11"

After an absolute age working in graphite without a break I found myself stuck for ideas and feeling a little unmotivated and so in an effort to get the creative juices flowing once more I picked up my oils and prepared a board for a small painting.
The subject of the painting is very close to my heart as this is charlotte a little vixen that visits my studio daily for a bite to eat and seems to like hanging out with me.I thought attempting this little oil portrait might fire up my imagination and because its relatively simple it allowed me to get back to grips with oil paints.It seems to have done the trick and I now have lots of ideas for some smaller paintings,which are the sort I prefer.


Agence immobilière maroc said...

Thanks for sharing !

Joy said...

I love to see you pics of Charlotte on Facebook and the paintings.