Friday, 7 August 2015

'The Young Pretender' 7" x 13" pencil drawing

My latest,and ever so slightly topical drawing features a lovely young male lion that I was lucky enough to encounter last year in Savuti,Botswana.
This young male was hunting with his mother as they were not part of a pride and as you can see from his flawless features he still hadn't gone into battle for a pride of his own as he wasn't fully mature as yet.
The pair formed an impressive hunting team and when I encountered them they were hunkered down in the heat of the day with very full bellies from a successful hunt the night before.


Kathryn Hansen said...

He's gorgeous...and loved the story, makes it so much more personal!!

Unknown said...

thanks Kathryn.i think having the wild encounter and having spent some time in the animals company it brings so much more to the image than any anonymous zoo encounter could.