Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Artist in Residence-Nature in art

Having driven up to Gloucestershire on monday morning through what can only be described as blizzard conditions in my home county of hampshire i was pleasantly surprised to find that the snowfall here in Gloucestershire was considerably lighter.
My initial pleasure however was soon tempered by the phone call that followed immediately after my arrival from my publishers explaining that they were unable to send the van loaded up with my entire exhibition as they were snowed in back in hampshire.
Eventually however the road was cleared and the van set off,leaving me to twiddle my thumbs for most of monday afternoon until it arrived.The snow arrived here at pretty much the same time as my exhibition and so along with the driver we plodded to and fro through the snow carrying pictures,hanging frames etc and worked into the evening until the show was fully hung ready for the public's first glimpse the next morning.
Reactions by the visitors to the museum so far have been very favourable and the oystercatchers picture is coming along nicely with lots of interested onlookers!.i hope to be able to post some pictures shortly of the museum and show.

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