Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Cheetah portrait

since my last post i have again been short of studio time due to unforeseen circumstances in the shape of the family renault that has an alarming propensity for breakdowns,however, this fixed, i have now been able to get a full day's work in on the cheetah.much layering has taken place on the body of the cat and because they're such pale cats it's steady going applying graphite as sparingly as possible each time.spots have been worked up to a point where they will only require another couple of layers to get that lovely opaque black,indeed a few have been fully worked up.the fur has been roughly portrayed over much of the now remains to keep working on the body of the cat over the next day or two to work in some real feeling of depth and form and then of course come the eyes.


Grahame Butler said...

Great to see this developing Clive, looking forward to seeing the eye's go in!

Jennie Norris said...

This is coming out beautifully. You have a way with fur! It's fun to see how other people work. I always do the eyes first. I think they are the most important part and if I don't get them right, I can't go on.

I love that you save them for last! It's probably more satisfying to finish the drawing with the eyes. Maybe I'll try it on my next drawing??