Saturday, 13 June 2009

Almost there!

At last the finish line is in sight with these greylag geese.i was hoping to have it complete by today but it was just too much of a stretch and the brain lag caught up with me.I can honestly say that this piece has really taken it out of me concentration wise,never have i felt so tired at the end of a day in the studio as when working on this drawing.This drawing has been a real marathon for me and at times a real struggle with mind over matter,however now that it's nearly done i'm getting a tremendous sense of accomplishment and at last can relax a little and enjoy the fruits of my labour.I've about 3 or 4 hours work left on it,mainly working on the reflections from the foreground goose and then just a few tweaks here and there before i can declare it done........can't wait!


Gayle Mason said...

It looks fantastic.

artbykarieann said...

beautiful Clive, I've been following this and it is absolutely stunning.

Unknown said...

gayle and karie-anne thanks so much,i have to admit that i'm very pleased with this one.