Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Small portrait

Having had a few days off to re-charge the batteries after the epic that was the greylag drawing i'm back at the drawing board or i should say boards.i have two drawings started,one, which is in the very early stages(ie; just outline laid out),and the second which is near completion.

i was asked by an old friend if i could attempt a portrait of her father who passed away some time ago.The only photograph she has of her father is a 40 year old passport style photo and its starting to get a bit dog-eared now.i agreed to try on the basis that it would have to be fairly small as there really isnt any detail to work from available in the reference photo.i'm quite pleased with how it's coming along and all there is left to do is add some detail to the shirt and darken up the background a little.i do hope she likes it,as it will make her day to have a more permanent memorial to her late father.

My second image is a three-quarter study of a golden eagle which,so far,i have managed to draw the outline onto my prepared paper but little else.i'll post an image when there's something more solid to see.

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