Wednesday, 3 June 2009

2 geese complete

This last week has been a test of resolve versus the urge to escape the confines of the studio and enjoy the wonderful hot and sunny weather.Needless to say, and, as is evidenced by my slow progress on the drawing,the sun won the moral argument.i have however managed to complete the second greylag and have now made a start on the water.with the water i initially put down a layer of H grade pencil into the lightest areas and then blended it smooth with a stump and then using the same stump rubbed onto a scribbled patch of B grade pencil and over-layed some darker areas within the lightest parts.having completed the lighter areas i am now working up the darker areas of water using all grades from H to 2B,the idea being to try and depict the broken up reflections on the waters surface which almost resemble oil on the surface.Having done this many times before i know that it wont really look 'right' until the whole of the paper is covered by water and then it will almost seem to ripple before your eyes,in the meantime i stick religiously to the task of individually portraying each little ripple and reflection.Apologies for the picture quality as i took this in a hurry very late in the day so its a bit washed out on the left hand side.

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