Tuesday, 18 August 2009

chocolate lab commission

a quick update on progress so far.easy does it is the name of the game here,slowly buiding up shape and form whilst gradually introducing some detail.you can see here i have started to build up tone on the ear starting with H grade pencil and working through the grades quite probably going as soft as 3B untill its finished as there are some quite wide variations in tone on the ear due to the glossy nature of the dogs coat.you'll also note the white hairs that i'm having to highlight,this is quite tricky and has been accomplished by a combination of scratching in at the outset and lifting out with blu-tack.there are quite a few white or grey hairs as the dog was quite an elderly animal and just like the rest of us was starting to show it's age.


winter breeze said...


Carol Andre' said...

I'm so glad to see another artist who waits to put in the eyes! I do that too- for me it's "dessert"! A treat for a finished job.
:-) Now I just wish I was as good at it as you! Love seeing your WIP's. Thanks so much for posting them.

Unknown said...

hi carol,i couldnt have put it better myself,i just love the way that putting in the eyes takes the piece from good to alive