Wednesday, 2 December 2009

curlew drawing-a few last minute tweaks

As usual i left the drawing on the board overnight and had a look with fresh eyes this morning.i had been a little concerned that the rump of the bird had got a little lost in the background and so on looking this morning i decided to lift out some highlights along the edges as well as adding a little more highlighting to the loose feather edges on the birds nape and's a little bit of artistic licence but i think it's worked out ok and has served to just bring the bird out a little more.


From The Studio Floor said...

Dear Clive,
It was terrific of you to post all those comments on my blog. I have to say "Right back at you". Your drawings are beautiful, sensitive yet powerful. Most of all I admire your drafting skills . You Know your subject and always get the shapes and attitude correct. I love your curlew, and the golden Eagle is just stunning!

Unknown said...

many thanks matthew!

LluĂ­s Sogorb said...

Clive, I like the composition of the work and the light you've accomplished over the bird. A greeting