Tuesday, 29 December 2009

tiger pencil drawing-back after the break

After an extended xmas lay off it's been back to the drawing board today.Just for now ive finished work on the tiger's head and ive been busy building up layers of graphite on the body of the cat.Some of the stripes have been marked in and layers of H,HB,B pencil built up in some areas of the body,there is much to do in terms of building up the shape and form of the cats body with further layers before adding some fur detail.i took this photo this morning whilst the light was still good in order that the different layers so far added could be seen.in the upper half of the body i have layered with H,HB and B grades and now am overlayering with another layer of H grade as i wanted to 'calm down' the texture a little,whilst in the lower half i have so far only layered with H and HB grades.it isnt the most exciting part of completing the drawing and will take several more sessions but absolutely fundamental to achieving a realistic look with depth and texture in the finished piece.

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