Friday, 18 December 2009

tiger pencil drawing-update on progress

Ive just today managed to get back to this tiger drawing after having to take a couple of days out with a nasty cold,i'm feeling relatively human again and so ive cracked on with this one.After having put more layers into the fur and more or less reached the final tone here i can see that i'm probably going to have to tone the background a little more to ensure the cat stands proud.ive added in some fur details using a 2B pencil and added more soft graphite to the dark stripes with a 5B pencil,ive also layed in some tone to the light areas of the cats face with an H grade pencil which will require more tone adding as well as some fur detail suggestions to help give shape and form to the cats face.The whiskers have come in for a bit of refinement,they were a bit too long,i got carried away scratching them in,so ive shortened them a little and when i add more tone to the background i'll refine them further.

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