Sunday, 4 April 2010

quick update on black leopard

this is yesterday's progress as i'm not going to get into the studio today,off to titchfield haven nature reserve for a little birding and photographing.ive been working on the cheeks of the cat and am almost there having used all grades of pencil from H thru to 3B to acheive the results so far.the right hand side cheek has only been layered twice thus far in H and HB.ive also added some more tone to the whiskers of the cat on the left hand side of the picture as they were too white,i shall do the same to those on the left once ive finished the cheek there.Happy easter everybody!


Grahame Butler said...

Hi Clive, great tones and depth, how do you work on the whiskers, do you negative draw them or indent? I've tried both, I have probs getting clean lines whith negative drawing and when indenting, I use a darning needle attatched to a mechanicle pencil but it always ruins my drawing

Colette Theriault said...

Wow Clive, I admire you leaving the "best" for last! It seems I can never start a portrait without doing the eyes first. Can't wait to see this guy finished. Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

hi grahame and thankyou.i use the indenting method for the whiskers i certainly wouldnt have the patience to negative draw them.i use a variety of old knitting needles they are quite nice because theyre pointed enough to make a dent but they are blunt so not too vicious on the paper.
colette,i generally speaking leave the eyes till last or pretty this case i think i will draw them in once ive put down a layer of tone over the muzzle of the cat.dont really know why i do it that way other than i keep putting it off because it's the part i find most daunting