Wednesday, 27 May 2009

More progress

Slowly but surely the second greylag is starting to shape up feather by feather.Whilst the end result is satisfying the process of drawing each feather by layering several times over is not and i find it easy to lose my concentration at times when the art of drawing is somewhat over-shadowed by repetitive technique.The secret ive found is to take plenty of breaks when the mind starts to wander rather than risk the image becoming a little formulaic,fresh eyes and enthusiasm make a huge difference to the finished piece.Each feather is composed of layers of graphite working from H grade upto 2 or even 3B in somecases and so it's a very time consuming part of the drawing but ive yet to find a quicker more convincing way to do it.Once ive completed the second greylag i'll move onto portraying the water and the myriad of reflections thereon,as long as the water is finished convincingly the whole piece will at that point gel together and i'll know if it's going to work.


Liz Macintyre said...

This is coming along really nicely Clive - can't wait to see it finished.

Unknown said...

thanks liz,i fear it may be a while yet though!