Friday, 15 January 2010

Giraffe and calf pencil drawing progression

Yesterday i took time out from this drawing to get out onto my local nature reserve Titchfield Haven for an afternoon's birding the highlight of which was watching a female marsh harrier hunting over the reedbeds,what a treat for tired eyes!.So progress on the giraffe hasn't been quite as quick as i had hoped but nonetheless it's progressing nicely.ive completed the body of the adult. And now moving onto the legs,as usual building up the tone in layers,you can see how on the furthest leg i have layed down an initial layer of H grade pencil and am now starting to work into it with the same pencil but a little harder to block in some of the markings.Another day in the studio should see the adult complete i can then move onto the calf.The adult giraffe is going to be paler than the calf which should help to make the calf stand out rather than disappear completely behind it's mother.


Jean Haines SWA, SFP said...

Oh wow,this is so fantastic Clive,a fabulous work in progress!

Unknown said...

hi jean,thankyou very much.its been a little while since i drew a bigger african piece like this and so far its very enjoyable to do!