Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Start of a new egret drawing

After a day spent trying out various compositions on scraps of cartridge paper ive finally settled on the image here.ive stretched and dried the watercolour paper overnight and then traced my scribblings onto the fresh sheet of paper.Here you can see that ive started by laying down a 'wash' of very lightly applied H grade pencil for the lightest tone of the water and then ive overlayed in places with a sharper H grade pencil the darker areas of water and ripples.These will require further layers of softer graphite to darken them up quite a bit and fainter ripples will be drawn in using a paper blender rubbed into graphite.this drawing,like my previous egret image,will be concentrating on the lovely,almost still,bright autumn sunshine and the reflections cast by the egret on the water by the backlit bird.this image is again based on observations of the little egret on the salt marsh on the river hamble near to my home in warsash.

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